Open to all individuals who have devoted a lifetime of service to the Chemical Corps mission. This includes active Federal service as well as continuing service following retirement. It is open to all categories of personnel (Officer, Non Commissioned Officer, (Active and Reserve Component) and Civilian Personnel) who have reached the culmination of a distinguished career, and have made a significant contribution to the Chemical Corps.



First Name

Last Name

Year Inducted
CSM (Ret) Peter Hiltner 2009
PFC Richard Griffin* 2009*
COL Stuart A.  Hamilton 2008
Mr.  Garrett  Morgan 2008
CPT Frederick Smith 2008
Mr. Michael Parker 2007
BG James H. Batte 2006
COL Julian G. Brunt 2006
COL Stanley D. Fair 2006
1 LT Joseph  Terry 2006
Mr. Sam Bacon 2005
Dr.  Irving Langmuir 2005
GEN Anthony C. McAuliffe 2005
CPT James  Panas WWII DSC       2004
SGM Paul D.  Cockman, Jr. 2003
MG George E. Friel 2003
Dr. Anna Johnson-Winegar 2003
COL Jack Mojecki 2003
MAJ Herbert W. Thornton 2003
BG Peter Hidalgo 2001
LTC Charles Kirkwood 2001
MG Peter G. Olenchuk 2001
MG Robert D. Orton 2001
PVT Edward C. Carter 1999
COL George B. Coe 1999
LTC Troy H. Sanders 1999
SGM Donald E. Brinkley 1997
Mr. Thomas F. Carroll 1997
GEN John Pershing 1997
COL Walton A. Phillips 1997
BG   Delmore 1996
Mr. Mitchell Modrall 1996
COL Carl V. Burke 1995
Mr. Randolph Monro 1995
MG Alan A. Nord 1995
COL George P.  Unmacht 1995
COL Billy G. Cook 1994
MG James R. Klug 1994
CSM George L. Murray 1994
MG Gerald G. Watson 1994
COL Edwin M. Chance 1993
MG David W. Einsel, Jr. 1993
Ms. Elsie Fisher 1993
COL Garland M. White 1993
Mr. Edwin R. Bradley 1992
Ms. Amoretta M. Hoeber 1992
COL Jaoquin E. Zanetti 1992
Dr.  Bernard Berger 1991
CPL Robert B. MacMullin 1991
BG A. M. Prentiss 1991
MG William Marshall Stubbs 1991
COL William H. Walker 1991
MG John G. Appel 1990
MG Egber F. Bullene 1990
COL Lewis M. McBride 1990
Dr. Bernard P. McNamara 1990
MG William N.  Porter 1990
COL Earl J. Atkisson 1989
MG William N.  Creasy 1989
MG Amos A. Fries 1989
MG John J. Hayes 1989
MG William L. Sibert 1989