Honorable Order Of the Dragon Award Criteria

1.  Nominating Criteria. In order to be nominated for the Honorable OOD an individual must:

  • Be a current member of the CCRA (Chemical soldiers only). One year regular membership fee must accompany Honorable OOD nominations for Non-CCRA members.

  • Possess qualities that set the individual apart from other Chemical Corps Soldiers or their peers.

  • Have completed a minimum five years in service to the Chemical Corps (Chemical Soldiers Only) and successfully completed CBRN Senior Leader Course or the Chemical Captains Career Course. Consideration will be given to similar education for other branches of the Army, sister service, and foreign military members.

  • DoD Civilians must be in the grade of GS-9 and above. Non-DoD civilians will be considered on a case-by-case basis when full justification is provide

  • Be eligible for favorable military actions (military members only).

  • Have maintained the highest standards of personal conduct.

2.  Eligibility.  In order to be eligible for the Honorable Order of the Dragon an individual must:

  • Be a Chemical Corps Officer or NCO in an active, National Guard, or reserve status or a Department of Army Civilian that has supported the Chemical Corps.


  • Be or have been a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or Department of Defense who provided service to the Chemical Corps and/or CBRN defense.


  • Be a foreign military member or civilian who has contributed to furthering the Chemical Corps Mission.

3.  Nominating Authority.  Only a member of the CCRA can make an Honorable OOD nomination.

4.  Approval.  AApproval of the Honorable OOD will be by the first Chemical Corps O6 in the Chain of Command or Responsibility. If there is no Chemical Corps Colonel in the Chain of Command or Responsibility, the Assistant Commandant, U.S. Army CBRN School is the approving authority. Voting members and chapter presidents of the CCRA may approve the Honorable Order of the Dragon. Approval authority for the Honorable OOD will not be delegated below this rank or authority. The approver must be a member of the CCRA.

5.  Submission of Awards. Nominations for the Honorable OOD will be submitted by the nominator through the CCRA Web Site. Submissions will include as minimum:

  • Date of request.

  • Name and information for the requestor.

  • Name and information of the nominator.

  • One-two page justification/biography of/for the nominee.

  • Name and Information of the Approver.

  • Identification of Award accouterments desired and cost.

6.  Accouterments.  Accouterments for the Honorable
OOD will include:

  • Official Medallion (bronze in color) with distinctive neck ribbon.

  • Official Certificate.

  • Other as approved by the CCRA Board of Directors.

Awardees are responsible for purchase of their accouterments.


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